"THE ODD NUN OUT"  has been appearing in my sketchbook since 2015. The first time I drew "THE ODD NUN OUT" was after seeing the dead three-year-old Syrian boy, Aylan Kurdi, on the news. And the first thing "THE ODD NUN OUT" did was to break up with God. 

I use "THE ODD NUN OUT" to comment on current events, write down my inner dialogue, draw my current mood and let myself be both immature and serious. "THE ODD NUN OUT" is in many ways my alter ego.


I decided to create and publish a new "THE ODD NUN OUT" each friday for the entier 2019. I expect it to be fun but also a stuggle finding time to draw her every week. "THE ODD NUN OUT" will probably express how I am truly feeling about this process. Follow "THE ODD NUN OUT" on instagram,

I plan to publish new artwork every friday.


My name is Frida Hammar, I freelance as an illustrator, animator and comic artist.
I live in the north of Sweden and have always loved to draw. For me, visual expression has a much stronger impact than just textual communication.
To communicate, and make a change in this world, I believe we need both.

THE ODD NUN OUT started as a personal project. At first she just appeared in my sketchbook randomly. Now I use her to communicate and process personal and political current events.

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Konstfack, Animation and Animated film, graduation year 2004

Umeå Art school, year 2000-2002

History of Ideas, Umeå Universitet year 1998-1999

Gender equality, Umeå Universitet year 1999

History of religion, Umeå Universitet year 1996

Spanish studies , Madrid 1996-97

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